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Micro Benchmarks

Benchmarking infrastructure is crucial for Tailcall. We run a suite of benchmarks on our continuous integration (CI) system for every commit made to the main branch using Criterion.

Running Benchmarks

  1. Install cargo-criterion and rust-script:

    cargo install cargo-criterion rust-script
  2. Execute the benchmarks:

    cargo bench

    This command will run all benchmarks and display the results. To run a specific benchmark you could modify the command and pass a pattern to the command:

    cargo bench -- 'foo.*bar'

Comparing Benchmarks

To facilitate benchmark comparison, we have developed a Rust script capable of contrasting the outcomes of two benchmarks.

# Checkout the base branch
git checkout main

# Run the benchmarks for the main branch and store the result in a file
cargo bench --message-format=json > main.json

# Checkout the feature branch
git checkout feature

# Run the benchmarks again in your feature branch
cargo bench --message-format=json > feature.json

# Perform a comparison check between the two branches
./scripts/ main.json feature.json table

If the benchmarks indicate a degradation exceeding 10%, the script will terminate with an error. You can refer to the automatically generated benches/ file to identify which benchmarks underperformed and investigate the corresponding code changes before submitting a pull request.