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Command Line Reference

The TailCall CLI (Command Line Interface) allows developers to manage and optimize GraphQL configurations directly from the command line.


The check command validates a composition spec. Notably, this command can detect potential N+1 issues. To use the check command, follow this format:

tailcall check [OPTIONS] <FILE_PATHS>...

The check command offers options that control settings such as the display of the generated schema, n + 1 issues etc.


This flag triggers the detection of N+1 issues.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false
tailcall check --n-plus-one-queries <FILE_PATHS> ...


This option enables the display of the schema of the composition spec.

  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false
tailcall check --schema <file1> <file2> ... <fileN>

The check command allows for files. Specify each file path, separated by a space, after the options.


tailcall check --schema ./path/to/file1.graphql ./path/to/file2.graphql


This is an optional command which allows changing the format of the input file. It accepts gql or graphql,yml or yaml, json .

tailcall check ./path/to/file1.graphql ./path/to/file2.graphql --format json


The start command launches the GraphQL Server for the specific configuration.

To start the server, use the following command:

tailcall start <file1> <file2> ... <fileN> <http_path1> <http_path2> .. <http_pathN>

The start command allows for files and supports loading configurations over HTTP. You can mix file system paths with HTTP paths. Specify each path, separated by a space, after the options.


tailcall start ./path/to/file1.graphql ./path/to/file2.graphql


The init command bootstraps a new TailCall project. It creates the necessary GraphQL schema files in the provided file path.

tailcall init <file_path>

This command prompts for file creation and configuration, creating the following files:

File NameDescription
.tailcallrc.schema.jsonProvides autocomplete in your editor when the configuration is written in json or yml format.
.graphqlrc.ymlAn IDE configuration that references your GraphQL configuration (if it's in .graphql format) and the following .tailcallrc.graphql.
.tailcallrc.graphqlContains Tailcall specific auto-completions for .graphql format.


The gen command in the TailCall CLI is designed for generating GraphQL configurations from one or more source files.


Supported input formats include PROTO.


Output is same as --format, it supports graphql, json and yaml as output type


tailcall gen <file1> <file2> ... <fileN> --input proto --output gql