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Contribution Guidelines

Welcome to the Tailcall project! If you haven't stared us yet, make sure you do by clicking here. This document provides an overview of the best practices for contributing effectively. Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth collaboration process.

The Basics

  1. Fork and Clone: Fork the repository on GitHub and clone your fork locally.

    git clone
  2. Set Up Your Environment:

    • Install Rust: Use rustup to install Rust and the nightly toolchain.
    • Install Prettier: Required for linting, install Prettier.
    • Build the Application: Navigate to the project directory and execute cargo build.
    • Start the Server: Run cargo run -- start ./examples/jsonplaceholder.graphql to start the server and access the GraphiQL interface at

Making and Discussing Changes

  1. Create a New Branch: Always work on a new branch created from the latest main branch.

    git checkout -b feature/your-feature-name
  2. Develop Incrementally: Use small, stacked PRs for complex features. Break down large tasks into smaller, manageable pieces, each with its own PR. If you are working on a large bounty item add the bounty on your main PR and create stacked PRs wrt to your main PR.

  3. Discuss on Discord: For real-time discussions, use the #contributors channel on Discord. Create a thread for each PR to facilitate focused discussions.

Pull Requests and Code Quality

  1. Keep PRs Small: Focus each PR on a single topic to simplify review and potential reverts. Describe your changes clearly in the PR description, explaining the solution and linking to any relevant discussions or issues.

  2. Commit Clearly: Write concise, descriptive commit messages. Each commit should represent a self-contained change.

  3. Submit PRs: Push your branch to GitHub and open a PR against the main branch. In the PR description, detail the purpose of your changes and any additional context needed.

  4. Code Review: Engage with reviewers on GitHub and address feedback promptly. Use discussions on Discord to resolve complex issues or debates efficiently.

Community Engagement

  • Star and Share: Star the repository if you find it helpful and share your contributions on social media using #tailcall and tagging @tailcallhq.

Final Notes

Tailcall thrives through your contributions. We aim to maintain a respectful and inclusive community. Thank you for helping to enhance Tailcall for everyone!